Munera Yousufuza, who was until recently serving as director of programs coordination on cultural, political and social affairs in the Office of the Chief of Staff of the President, has been appointed as deputy defense minister.

Sources in the Ministry of Defense have confirmed that Ms. Yousufzada has been appointed as deputy defense minister for training affairs.

She has previously served as deputy governor of Kabul, spokesperson of the Independent Directorate of the Local Governance and some other senior governmental positions.

News regarding the appointment of Ms. Yousufzada as deputy defense minister emerged late on Saturday which attracted mixed reactions among the people, mainly in social media.

Reacting to criticisms regarding the appointment of the first woman as deputy defense minister, presidential spokesperson Shah Hussain Murtazwi said similar criticisms were also raised when Husan Jalil was appointed as deputy interior minister.

In a statement posted in his Facebook, Murazawi has said the judgement of certain men in social media is similar to the judgement of the furious men who had lynched Farkhunda.

Murtazawi further added that women are serving in senior security and defense positions in other parts of the world and similarly Afghan women have a successful management in different institutions.


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