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Mullah Omar’s close aide ask Taliban chief to cut ties with Pakistan

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Ahmad Shah Ghanizada
Ahmad Shah Ghanizada
Ahmadshah Ghanizada is the deputy editor in chief for The Khaama Press Agency who manages and overlooks the English edition.

mullah-omar-close-aide-letter-to-haibatullahA key Taliban commander and close aide to former Taliban supreme leader and founder has asked the group’s current supreme leader Mawlavi Haibatullah Akhundzada to cut ties with Pakistan.

The top Taliban leader, Syed Mohammad Tayyab Agha, reportedly asked Akhundzada in a letter which was obtained by Gandhara, a news portal close to RFE/RL.

“How can the Taliban leadership, now camped in Pakistan, demand that people in Afghanistan or elsewhere pledge allegiance to them?” he wrote, confirming that the insurgent movement’s leaders still operate from safe havens in Pakistan. “Can we consider such acts in accordance with Islam?”

Agha relinquished his position as head of the Taliban’s political office in Qatar last year and has sharply questioned key Taliban ideological tenets.

In the letter, he urges Akhundzada to give up the title of Amir al-Muminin, or Leader Of The Faithful, and to drop the Taliban’s formal name, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

“It will be better to employ the term ‘movement’ instead of ‘emirate’,” he wrote, arguing that without either control over most of the country including the Afghan capital, Kabul, or recognition as a legitimate government it is impossible for the Taliban to pose as Afghanistan’s legitimate government.

“A reliance on media propaganda and forming [shadow] government institutions, control of rural territories, and most of the movement’s leadership being in a foreign country [Pakistan] doesn’t amount to a [legitimate] government in our country,” he wrote. “Instead of Amir al-Muminin, you should call yourself The Amir or leader.”

Questionning the Taliban’s current strategy, which mainly relies on overrunning rural territories and complex urban attacks that often result in a high number of civilian casualties, Tayyab Agha urged Akhundzada “You should give up using violence and intimidation to force people to pledge their allegiance to you as the commander of the faithful until you can meet all the requirements [outlined in Islamic Shari’a law].”

“All the mujahedin fighters should be ordered to cease killing our opponents inside mosques and stop killing prisoners,” he wrote. “Stop killing people under suspicion traveling on roads. Stop bombing bridges, roads, and other similar places. Stop killing aid and construction workers who are helping our nation and building our homeland.”

This comes as the Afghan officials have long been critizing Pakistan for allowing the Taliban group leaders to use its soil for executing attacks in Afghanistan which causes most of the casualties to the ordinary Afghan civilians.

However, Pakistan has repeatedly rejected the allegations although Pakistan’s foreign affairs adviser Sartaj Aziz admitted earlier this year that the country has influence on the group and could use certain leverages to force the group to join peace talks.

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  1. This is a great idea for Taliban to free themselves from slavery of Punjabi ISI. No need to kill Afghans for sake of Islamabad. Taliban fight for Islamabad not Islam.

  2. Afghan Taliban leave Pakistan surrender your weapons to Afghan Army and come back to Afghanistan live a normal life. Pakistan will use and abuse you for their strategy and evil goals inside Afghanistan. Your jihad is ISI jihad not an Islamic jihad to stop the B,S and comeback home and go back to your village. Otherwise you will burn in hellfire forever for killing innocent Afghans.

  3. The aide to Mullah Omar has been brainwashed by the U.S. and government run by Tajik and Uzbek groups from Kabul. His views will be thrown in the dustbin.

  4. Since ISI got a loyal slaves among Taliban next time US get his ass playing with his one eyed sneak he will meet his maker soon. These Taliban guys are just like chickens raised by ISI and one by one they sell them to US like Osama Ben Laden,Mullah Mohammad Omar and Mullah Mansoor. Kabul is controlled by Afghan lions from all different tribes and ethnicities. I will see who will end up in dustbin mostly likely Habitullah he will be the new Chief of Army Chief retirement money. Raheel Sharif cashed his check on Mansoor good for him.

  5. I feel sorry for these Taliban brainwashed dudes….my only advise to them is stop fighting for ISI benefits and profits you are not fighting for Islam you are fighting for Islamabad. Now Islamabad is selling you one by one like Mullah Mansoor leave that ISI safe houses and eating daal and come to free land of Afghanistan.

  6. In real Pakistan got trouble with taliban because they provide shelter to millions Afghans, talibans mingle with refugees to enter in Pakistan causing trouble on both side while Indian involvement in Afghan is only to train taliban to spread terror in both Pak and Afg to bitter their relationship.
    Indians are cow’s uRlne drinker and world most filthy and unwanted scums on the land.

    • Are you serious.. Pakistan was built by Afghan refugees coming and investing their money..renting their shitty houses for horrendous money/rents. Pakistan did not take Afghan refugees on humanitarian basis… the UN paid Billion of USD which then they took into their own pockets .. a lot of people didn’t get actually the food and care that UN had paid for. The Pakistanis treated the Afghan refugees badly and the day will come when they will get it back!

  7. Pakistan was hosting Afghan refugees true but you never said the other side of the story.

    In 1974 Pakistani started hosting Afghan militants like Gulbodin and others to fight Afghan government. When Soviets came these groups received double weapons and salary due US and Saudi assistance for Afghan Jihad. Afghan refugees are registered to PAKGoV and they know all Afghans who they are and what they are doing. The registration started in late 1979s and still active. These refugees were used against Soviets and now against Afghan government and US forces. Pakistan stared this fire and now the same fire will destroy them.

  8. Pakistan ISI is using Afghan refugees for terrorism in Afghanistan and Kashmiri refugees in India.
    This is such sad part of Pakistani Military strategy to use their energy and power on terrorism instead helping and building Pakistan for Pakistani people who are suffering in all walks of life.

  9.  Brave enough let the human-right-organisation visit Indian Occupied Kashmir, Let the truth come to the people, World know how India is killing Kashmiris for their land. Dear Kashmir belongs to Kashmiris not India.

  10. India is investing heavily in our country only to use us against Pakistan but we are always standing with Kashmiris. Indians are brutal Hindu Talibans.

  11. Dear James get your facts right Talibäń are afghans and they rule Afghanistan for decades. People and USA support them against USSR. We love Pakistan not only because they provide refugee to Afghan or they are our neighbour but also because we have Strong Mušlìm brotherhood with Pakistan. Stay strong Pakistan. 

    • I think first of all you are not an Afghan (Kamran hahaha). We do not love Pakistan.. they treated us badly and took money from UN for the refugees nothing else it was just business! Taliban are Pakistanis and not Afghans, Mujaheed from that time have been Afghans fighting against foreign occupation but Taliban are sponsored by Pakistani ISI to destabilize Afghanistan due to Durandline dispute. Pakistan was created by the British out of Afghan and Indian land. You would lose 1/3 of your illegal founded country if Afghan demand back their land, which since decades is not possible due the terrorism we import from you!

  12. Kamran, original TB leaders were some Afghan who received education and training in Pakistan. TB movement was creation of PAK-ISI in 1994. Their mentor Col.,Imam who suffered death at the hands of Pakistani TTP in 2010. There were no such thing as TB in 1970s or 1980s they were called Afghan Mujahedeen seven parties based in Peshawar. Taliban movement was created in Quetta by PAKMIL. Strong Muslims brotherhood? what brotherhood? you have been treating Afghans like salves for decades. If Pakistani is such brotherly country why they are not offer citizenship to all Afghans living in Pakistani since 1974? give real passports so they can join Army ? Pakistan due to it’s weak military strategy is now totally Isolated and considered a terrorists sponsored nation.

  13. If Afghans are your true brothers please offer them passports, Pakistani ID Cards and rights to marry Pakistani women, buy properties, right to education, right to political activities right to , start a business without being harassed by Police and right to join PAKMIL . I’m sure many would not comeback to Afghanistan and they would stay there if treated like human beings. But in reality PAKMIL does not even trust their own people the poor Baluch, Sindi and MQM. Islamic brotherhood only looks good in school text books. If there was such Islamic ummah why thousands of Pakistani and Afghan low skill workers in Saudi Arabia, UAE and other Gulf countries have not received real citizenships and passports and they have been working there for 35 40 years now ? Islamic ummah is great dream but sad reality.

  14. With all due respect why Afghan and Pakistani workers can not marry Arab women in Saudi Arabia,Qater,,Bahrain why they can not buy property or legally apply for citizenship.? In Dubai if you got money yes you can buy property but nowhere you can get passport or nationality no matter how many years you live there. Islamic brotherhood is just propaganda that’s all.

    There is just nation state philosophy that’s all not Islamic ummah B.S.

  15. James again I ask you please update your knowledge and facts gulbadin is not in Pakistan but in Afghanistan and Afghan Govt has signed a peace deal with him, and don’t try to misguide us we know Talibans were trained in Pakistan but USA was behind all that and in real USA created all this taliban to counter USSR. 

  16. James if you want us to hate Pakistan by pointing all the misdeeds Pakistan has committed than you are also a terrorist who are spreading hatred among people to devide them to rule.
    I am once again shouting at you that we love Pakistan and have belief on Pakistan people.

  17. Kamran and Philip you two are same person so I will call you I idea is not to hate Pakistan the idea is to remind people the Pakistani failed and B.S strategy of promoting terrorism against Afghanistan. According to UN report 63000 Afghan have been this year by terrorist attacks from Taliban who are supported , armed and trained in Pakistan. Change your Punjabi policy otherwise this fire you have create will soon destroy you. Instead sending suicide bombers to Afghan help Afghan people with school and roads. Kamran you got no idea what are you talking about and they do not different between Afghan Mujahedeen and terrorist Taliban. I would encourage you to watch some YouTube vids of Col,Imam and listen to him what he says. About Taliban and Afghan Mujahedeen from 1980s. Gulboidin as an expired Pakistani ISI asset living in Islamabad in the house of his daughter near Super Market.


    Here you can watch late Col.Imam who trained Afghan Mujahedeen from 1974-92. After that he trained Taliban in 1994 with instruction from ISI, Benazir Butto and former General Babar. He lies about some stuff here and there to confuse those are well read as you would expect from former Intel guy but in reality Pakistan Gov provided Taliban weapons, funds and pick up trucks according to famous Pakistani Journalist Ahmed Rashid in his book called The Taliban.

  19. F@ck of James you are the real taliban. 

    Although Pakistan break our ÅKhand Bharat but I still respect Pakistan.  Because Pakistan is the land of our(Hindu) forefathers.

    Pakistan zindabad

  20. Shame on those who are politicising refugee problem, Pakistan deserves a big applause for providing shelter to Afghan refugee on their land in difficult times. Hindus always tried to create tension between Pakistan and Afghanistan but Pakistan have won Afghan hearts for their kindness towards us.

    Shame Hindu shame

  21. Authorities said the Monday night raid on the Balochistan Police College that killed more than 60 people was carried out by the Al-Alami faction of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) group, an anti-Shiite outfit that has turned its guns on the government in recent years?
    and who created Lakhar-e-Jhangvi? Pakistani Military to fight Iran’s influence in Pakistan.

  22. Pakistani ISI agents you are so exposed that rest of the world knows that you terrorists incubators. Corrupt, morons and stupid. You are so exposed. Pakistani is also know is


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