Mullah Imam arrested in KunduzA Mullah Imam of a mosque was arrested in connection to the rape case of a 10-year-old girl in this province.

According to local government officials, the Mullah Imam has been arrested and is in custody for further investigation.

The health condition of the victim has been reported critical and she has been hospitalized due to severe bleeding, the officials said.

Incidents involving rape of children is not rare in Afghanistan where violent assaults of women aren’t uncommon.

An 11-year-old girl was also raped by a close relative in northern Baghlan province of Afghanistan.

The ears and nose of the perpetrator who was also a Mullah Imam was cut off by the family of the victim earlier this week.

The victim was reportedly drugged with anesthesia by Mullah Imam and was then raped.

This comes as the Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan said this year the number of attacks on women increased by 25 percent in 2013.

The United Nations Human Rights Office also said that violence against women is widespread and deeply-rooted as well as acute.

According to a study by UN Human Rights Office, the violence which scars the lives of a huge proportion of Afghan women and girls is rooted in Afghan culture, customs, attitudes, and practices.

The report further added two of those customs were violence that keeps Afghan women from leading vibrant lives – and rape.

The United Nations says, “This ugly crime is an everyday occurrence in all parts of the country.”

“It is a human rights problem of profound proportions. Women and girls are at risk of rape in their homes and in their communities, in detention facilities and as a result of traditional harmful practices to resolve feuds.” Many of these men go unpunished because of their position in society, or because shame keeps victims quiet.