Saturday, January 28, 2023

Mojaddedi: President Ghani has no experience of governance

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Picture1Professor Sibghatullah Mojaddedi, the former President of Afghanistan and a Jihadi leader who backed the incumbent President in his election campaign and asked the nation to vote for him, apparently regrets his support.

He has said that President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has no experience of governance.

Mojaddedi has told Ariana News in an interview published on its website on Thursday that the incumbent President reached to power because of his support.

According to Mojaddedi, the country would move towards crisis and the situation would be out of control if fundamental reforms are not made in the government.

Mojaddedi seemed doubtful over the ongoing efforts for peace talks with Taliban saying that Pakistan’s spy agency would continue shedding the blood of soldiers and civilians in Afghanistan.

He has warned Islamabad to eject its hand of interference from Afghanistan or he will announce ‘Jihad’ against Pakistan as it was declared against the former Soviet Union.

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  1. Why is it such a surprise that Ghani cannot govern. An Afghan Leader must possess three characteristics: 1) Shamshir (Sword) meaning Power. 2) Destarkhan: meaning Hospitality. 3) History: meaning lineage; recognition.

    Ghani does not possess any one of these characteristics. He does not have political, tribal or popular support. He was out of Afghanistan for almost 50 years and during this time he had very little or no contact with the country. The book that he co=authored with the English woman Claire, talks about a “Failed State”. That is very ironic that he write about a failed State and yet his inexperience has led the country into a “Failed State”.

    Afghanistan is a Nation of Tribes. Without Tribal support, no government can rule. The NUG does not have Tribal support.

  2. First Mr. Mujadidi claimed that God came to him in a dream and told him to endorse Ashraf Ghani as President. And now he claims that Ashraf Ghani is not competent. Now two thing logical conclusions can be reached from this,either you are a liar and opportunist about seeing God in your dreams. Or we can conclude that God made a grave error in judgment,or lets throw in a third logical conclusion, you lied and misled the Afghan people. 

  3. I have a lot of respect for Mr. Mojadadi, because he is an Afghan elder and his family have suffered some devastating losses in the past.The problem with Mr. Mojadadi is that he does not stick to any decision that he has ever made. He is an emotional and gullible individual. In regards to President Ghani, I completely agree with him. President Ghani is not an administrator, he is a scholar. Scholars have philosophical inclinations and Eastern politics require blatant liars. Mr. Abdullah, Dostam and Hekmatyar are some good examples of such politicians.


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