Afghan Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters Baz Mohammad Mubariz and Ahmad Wali Hotak scored more wins in Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB).

The two Afghan athletes managed to defeat their Ukrainian and Scottish fighters during the latest ACB competition in Dubai on Friday night.

Hotak appeared in the first fight against his Ukrainian rival Vladislav Stepanov by fighting in all three rounds and managed to end the fight in his favor by scoring more points.

Baz Mohammad Mubariz also managed to win the fight against the Scottish Mixed Martial Arts fighter Lain Feenan.

Both Mubariz and Hotak are among the prominent MMA fighters of Afghanistan who have appeared in numerous international fights including in major events organized by the Absolute Championship Berkut.

Hotak and Mubariz both managed to secure victories against their rivals in the Absolute Championship Berkut fights organized in October of 2016.

The two Afghan athletes managed to win the fights against their Russian and Kyrgyz rivals during the fights organized by ACB.