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MP Zahir Qadir says government could collapse if evidence presented to support his claim

Qadir [1]Haji Zahir Qadir, first deputy of the Lower House of Parliament or Wolesi Jirga who has been accusing the National Security Council (NSC) for supporting the Islamic State or Daesh says government could collapse if he presents documents do support his claim.

He had a CD in his hand during Wednesday’s session and said that he has conditions to unveil the proof because this is an “international issue”.

“Haji Zahir Qadir is concerned, incase evidences are presented, government would collapse and I don’t want that,” he said.

Qadir added that he would show the evidences to certain people at a certain time because he does not want division of Afghan nation. “I want one nation,” he said.

However, the National Security Council has rejected Qadir’s claim calling it a “conspiracy”.

Ministries of defense and interior have also rebuffed the accusations over the government.

After Qadir first brought up the issue, the Minister of Interior Noor-ul-haq Olomi and Afghanistan’s Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant General Qadam Shah Shahim called the comments as “irresponsible”.