ashequllah wafa applogiesAn Afghan lawmaker Ashiqullah Wafa who represents Baghlan in the Lower House of Parliament apologized from an Afghan journalist for threatening him to death.

An audio recording of Mr. Wafa’s telephone call threatening the chief editor of Tanveer television Sher Mohammad Jahish went viral earlier which was sparked rage among the organization defending journalists as well as local residents including religious clerics.

In the meantime, Mr. Wafa has claimed that the audio tape was fake and blamed Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) for producing the audio tape.

According to Wafa, ISI produced the audio after he opposed with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between National Directorate of Security and ISI.

However, Mr. Jahish said the audio recording was authentic and there was no forgery in the recording.

He also added that he has withdrawn a complaint filed by him against Mr. Wafa after he apologized for insulting him and threatening him to death.

In the meantime, the Afghanistan Journalists Center insisted that Mr. Wafa should be prosecuted for issuing death threats to a journalist and insisted that the complaint filed by Mr. Jahish was withdrawn due to pressures and in a bid to escape from further threats of the lawmaker.