January 17, 2018

Most Afghan women sentenced to jail serve in elders’ home, not prison

By Khaama Press - Wed Oct 12 2016, 9:01 am

A new harrowing report has emerged from the eastern Paktika province of Afghanistan unveiling the distressing condition of the Afghan women who are sentenced to jail.

An 18-year-old woman in Paktika province was forced to serve in a tribal elder’s home after she was sentenced to jail on charges of elopement and adultery.

The woman, Fawzia, told Reuters that she was treated like an animal and kept like a slave as she was kept in the tribal elder’s home to serve 18-month jail sentenced awarded by the court.

“What I have suffered, I pray that no woman should ever suffer,” Fawzia told Reuters in Sharana as she was briefly released from the elder’s house due to an illness.

According to the paper, quoting Alim Kohistani, director of Afghanistan’s prison service, some 850 women are imprisoned in official detention centers in Afghanistan for crimes ranging from murder to drugs and “moral crimes”.

Kohistani further added that “There could be thousands of other women kept in unofficial places across the country in the absence of proper jails.”

“We do our best to help them whenever needed and review their cases on time and make sure their rights are not violated,” he said.

Zalmay Kharote, a rights activist in Paktika, said “From sexual abuse to other forms of unjust and inhumane acts, these women become a tribal elder’s property.”

According to a report by Human Rights Watch, some 95 percent of girls and 50 percent of women imprisoned in Afghanistan were accused of “moral crimes” like running away from home or “zina” – extramarital relations.

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  1. Hell is for Muslim women. The only way out ladies is to get out of the country and get out of the faith.

  2. Jnoll are you ok, women in west are psycho paths and sexulized objects. Work on your culture to reduce HIV instead of others 

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