The Afghanistan High Peace Council Deputy Chairman Haji Din Mohammad once again urged the Taliban group to start peace talks with the Afghan government.

In his speech during the Moscow Summit, Haji Din Mohammad urged the Taliban group to positively respond to the offers of the Afghan government regarding peace process, emphasizing that the ongoing conflict claims the lives of ordinary Afghans.

President Ghani announced the government’s offer for reconciliation with Taliban during Kabul Process Summit II late in February, promising ceasefire, recognition of Taliban as a political movement, creation of environment of trust and elections, review of constitution, justice and review of complaints, law enforcement, release of prisoners, lifting of sanctions and removal of Taliban figures from black lists, ensuring security of the citizens of the country, development, and etc.

However, the head of the political office of Taliban in Qatar Mullah Abbas Stanikzai said the ongoing conflict is not a war among the Afghan tribes and has links with the presence of the foreign forces.

He also shared the demands of Taliban for reconciliation which included establishment of environment of trust, removal of U.S. sanctions on Taliban, specifying a safe zone for peace talks, opening of a formal office for Taliban, international community’s guarantee of peace talks, and release of prisoners.

Stanikzai further added that they have met the U.S. officials for three times so far and emphasized for direct talks with the United States, insisting that negotiations with the Afghan government would be useless.

He also added that Taliban wants exit of foreign forces from Afghanistan and are prepared to hold direct talks with the United States.