Tuesday, October 25, 2011 – Officials in ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development on Tuesday expressed concerns over drought affects which threatens more than 7 million Afghans across the country.

Meanwhile, the parliamentarian commission for natural resources and environmental habitance also said, more than 90% of the Afghan agriculture were affected by drought this year.

Members of the commission for state emergency while speaking among the members of the parliament said,  the country will face migration, regional conflict, animal deaths, and disease if the government does not step up actions to fight the natural disaster which threatens more than 7 million Afghans.

Jarullah Mansoori, Minister for Rural Rehabilitation and Development said urged the international community and donors to assist 7.3% of Afghan population who are facing serious hunger and starvation threats.

Head of the Parliament’s natural resources committee, Obaidullah Ramin confirming the issue warned that this coming winter will be a difficult one for those suffering drought.

In the meantime, Deputy Minister for Rural Rehabilitation and Development also expressed concerns about the probability of road blockage in 23 provinces because of heavy snow fall.

Head of the disaster prevention department Mohammad Daim Kakar said, droughts have affected around 14 provinces of Afghanistan threatening more than 2.6% of Afghan people in these provinces.

He also said, we are expecting aids by international donors for the drought affected areas before winter.


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