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MoI permanently dismisses the policeman caught in a violent act

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
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The Interior Ministry says a police officer who was filmed beating a woman at the border port of Torkham has been permanently expelled from the police force.

Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian tweeted on Sunday, that the police officer has permanently been dismissed from his duty for raising his hand on a woman.

Following the release of a video that showed a woman being whipped by a police officer near the Torkham border, the police officer was fired permanently.

Arian called the violence against women a Taliban act and stressed that anyone who commits such behavior is considered a terrorist.

Ministry of Interior stated that the police maintain public order, enforces the law, and that resorting to violent behavior and breaking the law is not acceptable at all.

According to MoI efforts are underway on the professionalization of the Police force in order to make a specialized and public-serving force.

Earlier, a video was posted on social media in which a policeman was caught beating an elderly woman near the Torkham border, near the Afghanistan and Pakistan border.

The video quickly went viral and provoked a lot of criticism and reactions with many condemning the behavior and called for the policeman to be punished for his atrocities.

Taliban spokesman, Mohammad Naeem Wardak also reacted to the video, tweeting that “where is humanity and women’s rights?”, but many replied to him with videos and pictures of the Taliban regime, the regime that had such acts as part of its public order.

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