The Ministry of Interior has released another list containing the names of 16 individuals with the ministry saying the individuals are under the pursuit of the police forces over various criminal charges.

The latest also includes the quantity of weapons being possessed by the individuals who are charged with criminal offences, including land grabbing, bullying, violation of laws, support to illegal groups, insurrection, extortion etc.  

The ministry has asked the individuals to immediately contact the nearest police stations, Kabul police commandment, or the counter criminal department of the ministry of interior for the clarification regarding the charges against them.

The leader of Nahzat-e-Islami group Abdul Hamid Khurasani is also included in the list and has been charged with insurrection and use of force.

Khurasani managed to escape an operation conducted by the Afghan forces on Tuesday evening with the ministry of interior claiming that he had taken women and as hostages to escape the security forces siege.

The Ministry of Interior had earlier released a list of 222 individuals charged with various criminal acts.

MoI had earlier vowed to release the list of influential people and those who are having links with the government and misuse the State authorities.