February 07, 2018

MoI rejects discrimination in recruitment process of public order police

By Khaama Press - Mon Nov 20 2017, 11:18 am

The Ministry of Interior of Afghanistan rejected the perceptions regarding the discrimination in recruitment of personnel in the ranks of the public order police forces.

The ministry issued a statement to clarify the government’s stance regarding a controversial letter being circulated on media.

Admitting the writing mistakes in the letter, the ministry said such perceptions are baseless that the ministry has adopted discriminatory approach while recruiting new personnel in public order police forces.

The letter being shared on social media has stated that the new personnel for the new formations of the public order police forces should be recruited from the other ethnic groups, apart from the Afghan nationals belonging to the Tajik ethnic group.

However, the ministry of interior says the main objective of the letter was that there is no need to further hire Afghan nationals belonging to Tajik ethnic group as considerable number of Tajiks are already serving with the public order police forces and therefore the other ethnic groups should be given the similar chance.

The new document sparks fears of discrimination at a time when other major issues including the controversial census continues to remain a major issue on the way of the electronic national identity cards distribution, a move which is seen as critical for future transparent elections.

This comes as a similar document emerged online from the administrative office of the president in mid-September this year, sparking outrage among the people regarding the discriminatory approach by certain government officials.

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