The Ministry of Interior (MoI) strongly condemned the move by the Grand National Coalition for closing certain provincial election offices.

Deputy Interior Minister for Security Akhtar Mohammad Ibrahimi said the political parties and movements have the right to peacefully protest in the light of the enforced laws.

However he said closing the forced closure of the election offices in some provinces is a move against the constitution of the country and no one has the right to close the democratic and social institutions.

Ibrahimi further added that the security forces are obliged to ensure security of the democratic institutions through all means, including the use of force.

This comes as the Grand National Coalition, consisting of political parties, has closed the offices of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) in three provinces.

Sources privy of the development in the Grand National Coalition have said the step was taken after the government and the election commission failed to positively respond to their demands.

The sources further added that the election offices in Helmand, Balkh, and Kandahar have been closed.

They also warned that the election offices in other provinces will also be closed if the government and election commission did not respond positively to their demands.

The Grand National Coalition demand the registration of the voters using biometrics system while monitoring of the elections process is also among the key demands of the political parties.