December 13, 2018

Mohammad Omar Safi appointed as new governor of Kunduz

By Khaama Press - Tue Dec 02 2014, 11:40 am

Mohammad Omer SafiMohammad Omar Safi has been appointed as the new provincial governor for northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan.

The Independent Directorate of Local Governance following a statement said Mr. Safi was appointed as the new governor of Kunduz province after receiving an approval from the presidential palace.

Mr. Safi has specialized in security and threat administration from the University of Leicester in United Kingdom.

His appointment as new governor of Kunduz province comes as President Ghani plans to replace senior government officials in Kunduz, Badghis, Ghazni, Nangarhar and southern Helmand provinces in a bid to bring reforms in the provincial civilian and military institutions as the Taliban-led insurgency have been rampant.

Officials in the presidential palace have confirmed that President Ghani has intention to replace senior government officials in the named provinces.

President Ghani had also ordered a top-to-bottom review of the military and security strategy of the country, which is expected to complete within six months period which would examine everything from battlefield strategy to the rules of engagement for Afghan security forces.

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  1. وای وای. این محترم از اتصالات بخواطر سو استفاده از امکانات و اختلاس بیرون کشیده شد. و حالا والی کندز شده.در این کشور همیشه همان آش و همان کاسه خواهد بود.

  2. . اولین والی در ولایت کندز است که بسیار .مدیر فعال است .
     این والی محترم یگانه شخص است که پشت مافیا (قاتلین ،دوزد و قاچاقبر)کندز که ریش انها تا مرکز است گرفته. خداوند همراهیش کند.

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