Mohammad Asif Nang

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani issuing a decree has appointed Mohammad Asif Nang new governor for Farah province.

Mohammad Asif Nang has previously served on different government posts for seven years.

He was a Spokesman, Publications Officer, Public Relations Officer, Deputy Education Minister and Acting Minister for Education Ministry.

He is a high school graduate of Habibya High School in Kabul.

Nang has completed his higher education in Pakistan and Saudi Arabiya.

Mohammad Asif Nang, 43 hails from Sulaimankhil tribe in Paktika province.

He fluently speaks Pashto, Dari, Arabic, Urdu and English languages.

Mohammad Asif Nang is also a Hafiz of the Holy Quran.

He says 1st things he would do is to modernize the custom system and complete the incomplete projects in Farah.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani assigned new governor for Farah province after sacking some high ranking government officials in there including its acting governor Mohammad Omar Shirzad.

Mohammad Omar Shirzad and other sacked Farah officials were taken under investigation based on corruption charges but they rejected any accusations.

After President Ghani took the office over three months ago he sacked or changed positions of all of the 34 governors to acting governor’s but so far only has assigned a few governors.

There are complains that most of the ex-governors turned acting-governors are not working as they were previously which has created a broken administrative environment in local provincial offices.