Amrullah Saleh, First Vice President said Mohammad Afzal, bodyguard to Minister of Defense, who was found dead at home with his son was not assassinated but committed suicide.

According to the statement, there are rumors that the murders of Afzal also known as Sultan, and his son were not assassinated, but the officials referred it to a suicidal case.

According to the sources, he had family issues and has not been on duty for a long time.

Earlier, Mohammad Afzal an army officer, and his five-year-old child were mysteriously killed in their home in PD9 of 4th Macroryan in Kabul city.

The incident happened on Saturday night, inside Afzal’s apartment.

According to the reports Afzal worked as Driver for Defense Minister, Asadullah Khalid.

But the ministry has not yet commented on his duty. 

Meanwhile, a security guard in the building told the media, that Afzal was shot in the head and the police have sealed his apartment.

Afzal was from Kapisa province and the in Block 8 of Macroryan fourth with his wife and two children.


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