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MoD reacts towards Taliban’s drone video showing Helmand suicide attack


taliban-drone-footageThe Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan (MoD) reacted towards Taliban’s drone video which purportedly shows an attack on a security forces base in southern Helmand province.

MoD spokesman Dawlat Waziri said the enemies of the country are attempting to hide their defeat by publishing such videos.

He said the Afghan army forces have not detected the drone cameras used by the Taliban militants, emphasizing that such drones will not pose any threat to the Afghan armed forces.

Waziri further added that the drones can not cover longer distances and can be shot down with the small arms.

The Taliban militants released the footage of the attack earlier this week which has been recorded in a similar manner as the Islamist groups fighting in Iraq and Syria.

The suicide bomber appears at the beginning of the 23-minute video as he calls on the Afghan forces to repent and join the group, warning that they will continue to use the equipment given by foreigners to conduct more attacks.

The video shows the bomber ramming a Humvee vehicle laden with explosives into the middle of the base and produce a cloud of smoke and dust.

Several security personnel lost their lives including the district police chief of Nawa district in the attack that was carried out earlier this month.


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