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Ministry of Education to recruit 30,000 female teachers


Officials in the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan are saying that the ministry will recruit 30,000 female teachers within five year (till the year 1400), to increase the presence of women in the field of education.

The officials further added that providing access to education to deprived girls, reducing the drop in girls’ education and paving the way for women’s economic self-sufficiency by hiring them as teachers are the main goals of the program.

Speaking during a press conference in Government Media and Information Center, the Ministry of Education spokesperson Nooria Nazhat said “2674 contracted teachers were recruited last year and 2326 other contracted teachers were recruited during the current year.”

Nazhat further added that  “30,000 contracted teachers will be recruited in rural areas in 34 provinces of the country and in areas where access to a teacher, in particular a female teacher, is limited.” She added.

She also pointed that “with the implementation of this program, female teachers increase from 33% to 42%, as well as access to education will be provided to girls in rural areas and where the girls are affected by unfair practices”.

According to the officials, the terms of employment as a contracted teacher are based on the presence of women presence in rural areas with the highest level of education.

Meanwhile, in order to increase the presence of women in managerial and policy level positions of Ministry of Education, 20 directorate positions under MoE are allocated to women; of these 11 positions of grade two related to Teacher Training Directorates in the provinces have been announced through an open competition, and the rest will be announced in the near future.



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