ANA with sniper The defense ministry of Afghanistan says 2015 may have a rise in terrorist attacks but they are well prepared to defend the country.

General Shir Mohammad Karimi, Chief of Army Staff, says although the Afghan National Army is not equipped to the standard needed, but they are ready and have moral to defend the country to the last drop of their blood.

Marking the end of NATO’s combat mission, 2015 put a challenging year for Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) as the full responsibility of the security handed over to them.

Though, the defense ministry says enemies will not be able gain ground from Afghan National Army.

2014 was one of the deadliest years for ANSF with around 6, 000 soldiers embraced martyrdom.

But the ministry of interior said the enemies were unable to take a single district from ANSF across the country.

Closing 13 years long combat mission, NATO this year started a new mission to only train and assist ANSF under the name of Resolute Support Mission.