The local officials in southeastern Paktia province are saying that the anti-government armed militants have suffered heavy casualties during the joint operations conducted by the Afghan and US forces in this province.

The provincial government media office in a statement said the operations were conducted in Surkh Dara, Zaghni, and Roidar areas of Aryoub azai district.

The statement further added that at least 22 militants were killed and 7 others were wounded during the operations which were conducted with the help of the close-air support.

According to the local officials, the dead bodies of the militants are still left in the area and the death toll could be much higher.

The operations were conducted as the militants were attempting to establish safe havens after crossing from the other side of the Durand Line, Azra district of Logar, and Hesarak district of Nangarhar, the statement added.

According to the governor’s office, several key commanders of the militants have also been killed during the operations.

In the meantime, the 203rd Thunder Corps said the airstrikes were mainly carried out by the US forces based in Afghanistan to support the ground forces.