The anti-government armed militants are planning to carry out a suicide attack on the parliament building with the support of some lawmakers.

The issue was shared by certain lawmakers in the Lower House of the Parliament, Wolesi Jirga, during the general session of the parliament on Monday.

An MP Nilofar Ibrahimi said they have been informed regarding the possible attack by the security sources.

She said the intelligence reports shared with the parliament indicates that two lawmakers are attempting to assist in bring the suicide bombers to the parliament building.

According to MP Ibrahimi, the two lawmakers either belonging to the Lower House or Upper House of the Parliament.

The Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi also said he has been informed regarding the plan allegedly involving lawmakers.

He said the issue has been shared with the security institutions to take steps in a bid to foil the attack plan.

This comes as capital Kabul witnessed growing instability, mainly due to insurgency led by the militants and several attacks were carried out late last month and earlier this month, leaving hundreds of people dead or wounded.