A group of armed militants launched a coordinated attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi city of Pakistan with the police officials saying the attack was immediately suppressed by the police forces.

According to police officials, at least six people, including policemen, security guard, and militants were killed or wounded during a brief clash which erupted after the attack.

A police in South of Karachi Javed Alam Odho has said at least two policemen lost their lives during the clash with the militants.

Odho further added that a security guard of the consulate was also wounded in the attack while three militants were shot dead.

In the meantime, the Karachi Police Chief Dr. Amir Shaikh has told media that the attackers were likely armed with suicide bombing vests.

Nine hand grenades, Kalashnikov bullets, magazines and explosives were recovered from the possession of the terrorists, the police officials have said, adding that the consulate employees have not sustained casualties.

No individual or group has so far claimed responsibility behind the attack.