At least four members of a prominent terror gang of Taliban group were arrested during an operation of the Afghan intelligence operatives in Kabul city.

The Taliban group members who belonged to one of the most destructive networks of the group were arrested during an operation of the Special Forces of Afghan Intelligence which was conducted in the vicinity of the 5th police district of Kabul city, the National Directorate of Security, the intelligence directorate of Afghanistan said in a statement. The statement further added that the detained individuals have been identified as Abdullah son of Gul Rasool who is the leader of the network, Humayoun son of Majnoon, Maiwand son of Sharbat, and Faridullah alias AhmadZia son of Redi Gul.

The detained individuals have confessed that they were recruited in Taliban ranks by one of the Taliban group leaders Asadullah Nasrat in Paghman district of Kabul and were busy in bombings, armed robberies, assassinations, harassments, and lootings in Kabul city, according to the National Directorate of Security.

The statement released by the National Directorate of Security also added that the detained individuals have confirmed their involvement in at least 70 improvised explosive device attacks in Paghman and Kabul city besides carrying out 3 targeted attacks, armed robberies, and targeting public welfare sites including hospitals by disguising in security forces uniforms.