Taliban KunarMehwar, a Kabul-based Afghan newspaper has collected information about the ongoing conflict in Dangam district of eastern Kunar province which shows Taliban have robbed at least 50 civilian houses.

Newspaper says the robbed items have been taken across the border to Bajawar area and distributed amongst Pakistani Taliban giving it the name of Ghanimant.

According to the paper, the looted items included cows and other domestic animals.

Domestic animals like Cows, sheeps and some others are the main cause of income for the villagers.

Mehwar states in the information received last night that after the loot Taliban set fire to those houses.

The paper says that the villagers have fled to the nearby mountains, adding that there was a short term ceasefire between the insurgents and the government forces yesterday where about 10 families were rescued but the remaining are still in the mountains where they face food shortage and cold weather items.

The paper states that most of the roads or paths going to the areas surrounded by the Taliban and the mountains where civilians are stuck are furnished with landmines and the security forces have difficulties going to those areas.

The paper adds that because of the shortage of food and cold weather items the villagers whom are mostly women and kids are facing serious life theat.

Taliban 11 days ago attacked Dangam district in eastern Kunar province after the villagers started uprising against their insurgency.

In the fighting the villagers are supported by the government forces.

On the other side beside the Afghan Taliban, the paper copying social media says there are Uzbek, Panjabi and Waziristani fighters, adding that across the border into Pakistan there is a Taliban center with around 12000 fighters.

A journalist has told the paper that Taliban received new fighters yesterday and the fighting may extend.

The death toll has not been issued as of today but yesterday the provincial police chief Abdul Habib Sayedkhil told Khaama Press that 151 insurgents were killed and 107 injured, with some of the bodies being transferred across the border.

The official casualty toll of the government forces and villagers is yet to be announced.