US Army Chief of Staff, General James McConville said Monday that US troops are ready to execute any orders to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

In an interview with Washington post he added that Biden’s administration is “leading with policy”, and then the military has the authority to execute those orders, they are in the “process right now”.

Multiple contingencies exist and “once those decisions are made at the highest level, we will be ready to execute”, he added.

According to McConville pulling troops out of Afghanistan is all about physics, he added, “well, it’s all about physics. It comes down to how many people you need to move, how much equipment you need to move. And the commanders in the field have those types of contingency plans, and they’ll be able to advise the senior leaders in administration how long that takes. And those plans were available right now”.

McConville also indicated that Resolute Support Commander, General Scott Miller has prepared mechanisms in case US presence remains after the May 1st deadline and possible backlash is triggered from the Taliban side.

McConville said, “I don’t think there’s any finer combat leader [than Miller] in the United States Army. He’s got a very distinguished career. He cares about his troops. And you know, we’re all going to make sure that our troops are taken care of and have the proper defense mechanisms in place to take care of that troop. So that’s certainly on the top of his mind,”.

War in Afghanistan is going to end and it will end with some type of political agreement.

McConville claimed by having gone into Afghanistan in 2001, following the 9/11 attack the United States was able to hold those responsible and prevented al-Qaeda operations from the “sanctuary over the last 20 years”.

Meanwhile, as efforts are ongoing to accelerate peace negotiations and the US requested an UN-led summit in Istanbul which is scheduled to start on April 16.

Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem on Monday told the media that the militant group is not ready to participate in the Turkey summit on the date.

According to Naeem Taliban currently are holding discussions on whether to attend the meeting and then they will share details of their decisions.

This comes as Afghanistan’s republic government and the High Council for National Reconciliation are working to finalize participants and demands of the government to be addressed at the conference.

A guiding principle for the Istanbul summit was also submitted to the Afghan government and the Taliban, media reported.


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