The US Secretary of Defense James Mattis met with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani after arriving in Kabul during an unannounced visit.

The Office of the President, ARG Palace, said the two sides discussed the fight against terrorism in the region, counter-narcotics efforts, and security of the upcoming elections.

President Ghani said the new strategy of the United States for South Asia has impacts on regional situation, specifically paving the way for further concentration on peace effort and for this reason the Afghan government has invited the Taliban to negotiations for peace as well as an offer was made to Pakistan on government-to-government level talks for reconciliation.

He also added that the Afghan government is working on a comprehensive plan to pave the way for the repatriation of the Afghan refugees from Pakistan.

President said the return of the refugees will help the ongoing efforts for the reconciliation.

In the meantime, President Ghani said the government is keen to start the reconciliation process with the anti-government armed militant groups but he insisted that the Afghan forces will continue to their efforts to counter the threats posed by the terror groups.

In his turn Mattis hailed the Afghan for their devotion in the fight against terrorism and said Washington supports the Afghan government’s call for peace talks with Taliban as well as negotiations on government level with Pakisstan.

Mattis further added that the offer by the government to Taliban for reconciliation is not only being supported by Washington but the whole world supports the call for reconciliation.