massive fire in Herat gas terminals

A massive fire has reportedly swept through gas terminal in Herat city in western part of the country earlier tonight, leaving at least eleven people dead.

The incident has taken place in Dahana-e-Kamar Kalagh area of the city and back to back to explosions were heard after the gas storages caught fire.

A local official confirmed that the victims of were all residents of the area whose houses are damaged and at least eighteen others were wounded.

Numerous pictures emerged from the incident site which were taken from far distances purportedly showing massive fire engulfing the reserves.

The main cause of the incident has not been ascertained so far but at least five huge explosions were heard from across the Herat city with fire visible from different parts of the city until at least 3:00 am.

Dahana-e-Kamar Kalagh is the main gas terminal supplying gas to the western provinces of the country where major gas reserves are located.