The Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) informed of massive corruption involvement in the mines contracts, emphasizing that the government has failed to reduce the growing graft in the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum.

The head of Integrity Watch Afghanistan Syed Ikram Afzali told reporters in Kabul  that the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum is paralyzed since two years and the officials of the ministry have not been able to execute even smaller works during this period.

Criticizing the senior leaders of the government of national unity, Mr. Afzali said the leaders of the government are to be blamed for the growing corruption in the ministry.

According to Afzali, the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has been administered by acting ministers, calling it as one of the main reasons behind the growing issues in the ministry.

Afzali further added that the issue of the ministry being administered by the acting ministers has paved the way for the embezzlement and misuse as the government has not introduced the ministers on the right time.

He said the information regarding the contracts awarded by the ministry should become available with the civil society, insisting that the mines and natural resources belong to the Afghan people and not to the government.

Afzali also added that the government has not provided information regarding the contracts to the civil society and the international community during the past two years.

In other parts of his speech, Afzali said the mines and natural resources are being controlled by the influential figures and called on the government to hand over the mines and natural resources management to the international community or parliament if it can not administer it.


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