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Mass graves containing up to 1,700 bodies unearthed in Iraq

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IraqIraqi officials have unearthed mass graves near the site of a massacre of Iraqi soldiers manning a former U.S. military base. The mass graves are believed to have up to 1,700 bodies who were massacred after ISIS captured Tikrit last summer. Tikrit was re-captured from ISIS by the government forces about week ago.

Health officials could not control their tears after they made the discovery. Khalid al-Atbi, an Iraqi health official, who is working with the forensic team sifting through the graves, said “It was a heartbreaking scene. We couldn’t prevent ourselves from breaking down in tears.”

He added “What savage barbarian could kill 1,700 persons in cold blood?”

Al-Atbi said “We dug up the first mass grave site today. Until now we found at least 20 bodies.”

A reporter from Baghdad said on Tuesday “The graves are in different areas close to the city of Tikrit, re-taken from ISIS last week.

“Iraqi state television is broadcasting scenes of officials uncovering bodies buried since the recruits were rounded up and killed in June last year. Many relatives of the soldiers are also looking on.

“A survivor of the attack said that ISIS were supported by Sunni local people in their attack on the mostly Shiite soldiers. The area remains fraught, with many Sunni residents afraid of revenge attacks by Shiite-dominated forces who now have the upper hand again.”

Photos and video footages emerged in the past showed the brutal massacre of hundreds of people by ISIS.

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