December 17, 2017

Malik’s secret operation remarks criticized in Afghanistan

By Sajad - Tue Dec 04 2012, 6:56 pm

Pakistan Interior Minister Rahman Malik has said that secret operations will be conducted against Mawlavi Fazlullah and Faqirullah, the two prominent Pakistani Taliban leaders in Afghanistan.

The recent remarks by Rahman Malik has been criticized by Afghan officials and a number of military observers are saying that such remarks are an obvious offensive by Pakistan towards the Afghan sovereignty but Pakistan is following precise objectives through such remarks.

Gen. Atiqullah Amarkhel an Afghan military observer on Tuesday said, “Everyone knows that neighter Mawlavi Fazlullah and nor Faqirullah are in Afghanistan, they are based in Pakistan. This is the objective of Pakistan or an offensive plan since they have already committed cross-border attacks and now they are looking to carry out an offensive inside the Afghan soil.”

Interior Minister Rehman Malik has warned of a secret operation in Afghanistan against Maulana Fazlullah and Molvi Faqir “if they do not halt their terrorist activities in Pakistan”.Addressing a rally in Chitral, Malik said if any Pakistani was killed in future an operation would be conducted against the terrorists hiding in Afghanistan. “We will reply if there is any activity from Afghanistan,” Malik said.

A number of other military observers believe that Pakistan still following two sided policy towards Afghanistan and Pakistan is possibly looking to transfer weapons and ammunitions to anti-government militants under the name of secret operation.

Gen. Amarullah Aman said secret operation by Pakistan is against the international law. He said, “Afghan government should appropriately share the issue with concerned sources and should discuss the issue with the Pakistani officials to prevent such an action or otherwise it will be an obvious interference.”

Afghan lawmakers also objected such comments by Pakistani officials and said the two nations should work together to resolve the issues.

Afghan security officials have denied such reports regarding the presence of Mawlavi Fazlullah in Afghanistan however they have not commented regarding the secret operations by Pakistan inside the Afghan soil.

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