The local officials in western Herat province are saying that the construction work of a major petroleum refinery is in process in this province and will be inaugurated in the near future.

The refinery is considered is one of the major and well equipped refineries in this province and is being built by private sector with a total investment of up to 15 million US Dollars.

The provincial government media office in a statement said the refinery is being built in 100 acres of land.

The statement further added that the refinery would respond to the majority of petroleum requirements of Herat province once the construction work is completed.

Deputy acting provincial governor Mohiuddin Noori expressed hopes that petroleum imports would drop considerably with the formal inauguration of the refinery.

According to local officials, the majority of the equipment and machineries of the refinery have been installed and the refinery has started test operations.

The officials of the refinery are saying that most advanced equipment and machineries have been imported from well known factories.

The officials further added that up to 80 workers have been employed in the refinery currently which would increase to 300 people in the near future.

The refinery officials also added that the refinery is currently producing 450 tons of fuel on daily basis.