The main highway connecting Jalalabad city with Torkham was reopened following negotiations between the protesters and the local officials including provincial governor Hayatullah Hayat.

The provincial government media office in a statement said a committee was formed led by the provincial peace committee Haji Malik Nasir to negotiate with the protesters where a decision made to end the protests of Shenwar residents leading to reopening of the highway between Jalalabad and Torkham.

Governor Hayat said the commander of the Afghan Local Police forces Bilal Pacha has been arrested with his two brothers based on the decision of the committee and the Afghan National Police forces have been instructed to arrest the father of Bilal Pacha as well.

He also promised that the other government officials who have committed negligence in their duty would also face legal actions and the cases of the commander of the local police of Achin, his brothers and father would soon be referred to the Attorney.

Hayat further added that the local residents must support the authorities in gathering evidences against the accused individuals so that they can be public tried for the crimes they have committed.

He also vowed that the authorities would thoroughly investigate the issues surrounding the protests and information would be shared with the elders soon.