The local officials in eastern Nangarhar province are saying that the Mafia circles have stepped up operations under the shadow of Taliban and ISIS terrorist group.

Provincial governor’s spokesman Ataullah Khogyani said at least three people including two soldiers were assassinated in Jalalabad city a while ago with the Taliban and ISIS groups claiming responsibility behind the attacks.

He said the Taliban and ISIS claims were later proved as false after the arrest of the main perpetrators involved in the killings.

The detain individuals have confessed that they carried out the assassinations for receiving 50,000 for each killing and were paid by individuals covered with masks.

The detainees have also confessed that the individuals had no links with the Taliban and ISIS group.

In the meantime, Khogyai says the Mafia circles are attempting to deliberately carry out assassinations in a bid to contribute in the deterioration of the security and to show the failure of the government for their own interests.

The latest claims by the local officials came as both Taliban and ISIS loyalists are attempting to expand foothold in the country although the government officials had earlier admitted that the ongoing violence also has major links with the organized crime.