February 10, 2018

Local residents urge ISAF troops to leave Baghlan province

By Ghanizada - Sun Feb 26 2012, 10:31 pm

Residents of northern Baghlan province insist on withdrawal of International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) from this province. They expressed their satisfaction from Afghan Security Forces and said they are now fully able to maintain the peace and stability in the country.

Abdullah, a shopkeeper in Dahna Ghori District of Baghlan said, “A year ago during Taliban’s existence in this district we had to pay tribute to them and were always being annoyed by them. Since we have Afghan Forces in the area, we live with peace of mind.”

Ahmadullah, a resident of Baghlan said, “Previously International Security Forces used to take part in wars against Taliban along with Afghan forces, but now Afghan security forces have the ability to perform operations without ISAF help, therefore presence of International security forces are no more required.”

Officials in Baghlan province show full eagerness for the process of security transformation and express lack of Air force is the main issue for them.

This comes as Dahana Ghori was one of the most insecure areas in Baghlan province and has just been cleared of armed militants. The residences of this district was not happy from the process of forming local police forces, but now they seem to be satisfied from the activities of these forces.

Author: Ajmal Omeri, Baghlan province.

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