Former military commander for US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, General David Petraeus in an interview with France 24 says troops’ withdrawal will not end the endless war in Afghanistan.

“It is going to end the US and the coalition involvement in that war militarily” France 24 quoted Petraeus.

“I do fear that two to three years from now we are going to look back and regret the decision to withdraw the remaining 3,500 US troops,” Petraeus said in the interview. “

This is not going to end the endless war in Afghanistan; it is going to end the US and the coalition involvement in that war militarily”, Petraeus said.

The former top ranked general also warned of possible resurgence of Daesh an unrecognized proto-state that follows Salafi doctrine.

“I do think there is a risk of the Daesh establishing a sanctuary in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, the very rugged mountainous border area, which is where many of these groups have their headquarters”, Petraeus explained.

This comes as President Biden last month confirmed the US troops’ full withdrawal by September 11.

Meanwhile, US military officials told Stars and Stripes that American forces have removed some 60 planeloads of gear from Afghanistan and have identified 1,300 pieces of equipment for destruction b Tuesday.

According to Stripes, US Air Force C-17 cargo jets, are active around the clock to move military equipment, the plane is said to be capable of carrying about 17,000 pounds of cargo.

Despite efforts for peace and the withdrawal process underway, violence in Afghanistan has increased across the nation.

Recently Ministry of Defense stated that at least 80 Taliban militants were killed in various parts of Afghanistan.