TUTAP PRoject44President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said Sunday that Salang was approved for the 500kV power project three years by late Vice President Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim.

He was speaking during a consultative meeting attended by the leadership delegation and lawmakers from the Upper and Lower Houses of the Parliament.

Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah also attended the meeting and said the commission assigned by the government will review all the documents related to the project, hoping that the review will help answer the questions and demands of the people in the light of the law and available resources.

President Ghani said the route was proposed by the former Minister of Energy and Water Mohammad Ismail Khan and was approved by late Marshal Fahim.

He said all documents on TUTAP project will be sent to the National Assembly on Monday, insisting that the government of national unity did not have any role in determining the direction of the transmission line.

Ghani also added that Bamyan was supposed to receive only 5 mega watt of electricity as per the cabinet decisions but as per the latest plan Bamyan will receive 300 mega watt of electricity.

He said based on the ealier plans Bamyan would receive electricity until 2022, insisting that the province will receive further secure electricity by implementing the project through Salang.

The remarks by Ghani comes as thousands of people have staged demonstrations in Kabul and Bamyan provinces for the change of the route from Bamyan to Salang province.

Meanwhile, the residents of southeastern Paktika and Khost provinces demonstrated in support of President Ghani today, endorsing the government’s decision for implementing the project through Salang.