LaghmanPublic Health Hospital and some educational institutes of Laghman province have been equipped with modern computers.

Laghman Public Health Hospital, a University and two high schools were equipped with 100 all-in-one computers which have everything fit on the screen.

30 computers were placed in the University, 20 in Rokhan High School, 20 in Mastora Girls High School, 20 in Qarghai High School in Qarghai District and 10 others were fit in the Public Health Hospital of Laghman Province which are also connected with the internet.

Over six million Afghanis are said to have been spent on the project which is paid by the government through the Ministry of Information and Technology and the Ministry of Education.

The computers were made available for use after a ceremony on Tuesday afternoon, which was attended by Dr. Fazlullah Mujadidi, the acting governor of Laghman, Mohammad Emal Marjan, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Information and Technology, Dr. Mohammad Hamayoun Mujadidi, Representative from the Ministry of Education, members of the Provincial Council of Laghman Province and local elders.

Doctor Fazlullah Mujadidi called it a positive step in improving the educational system and encouraged the Ministry of Education to apply more such like programs.