Kurdish female suicide bomber attacks ISIS militants in Syria


Kurdish female suicide bomberAn unknown number of Islamic State militants were killed following a suicide attack by a female Kurdish fighter in the besieged Syrian town of Kobane.

According to the UK-based Syria Observatory for Human Rights, the attack was carried out on Sunday after the female Kurdish fighter detonated a grenade while fighting the militants.

The observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman said the operation caused deaths but the exact number is not clear so far.

According to the observatory, the woman was a commander in the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit, known as the YPG.

She was identified as Arin Mirkan on social media, and her act marks the first known instance of a female Kurdish fighter carrying out a suicide attack

The attack comes as the Islamic State fighters continued to their offensive on Kobane on Sunday, in which the town was pummelled by mortar fire from the militants, despite the US airstrikes.



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