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Killing of Pakistani Taliban leader proof Afghanistan not harboring terrorists

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ttp-leader-killed-in-afghanistanThe killing of one of the most senior leaders of the Pakistani Taliban, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), is a proof Afghanistan is not harboring terrorists, the Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Dr. Omar Zakhilwal said.

 “Killing of top TTP commander, Azam Tariq, in an operation by Afg security forces in Paktika is yet another proof that Afg is not in business of harboring terrorists as ‘assets’, regardless of who they intend to target; and does not distinguish between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ of them,” Zakhilwal said in a statement posted online.

The Afghan Ambassador further added “In fact, to date every TTP leader of any importance has been killed by our security or/and coalition forces from Afghanistan. Azam Tariq was currently ranked as the 4th most important TTP leader and Pakistan had put about $200 thousand US dollars on his head.”

Tariq was the former spokesman of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan and his death is considered as a big loss for the group.

Senior TTP members have confirmed Tariq’s death terming it a big loss for the splinter Mahsud militant group, headed by Commander Khan Said alias Sajna.

Azam Tariq’s real name was Raees Khan. He belonged to the Mahsud tribe inhabiting South Waziristan where the security forces have been engaged in operations against the militants since 2009.

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  1. What else do you need found and killed in Afghanistan, entire Pakistani Taliban Leadership is in Afghanistan, when Pakistan pushes Afghanistan, they go an kill Pakistani Taliban Leaders, otherwise Afghan turn a blind eye towards them. Taliban control 20-50% Afghanistan and Afghan Taliban are moving freely in Afghanistan. Why should Pakistan fight Afghanistan’s war?


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