KidnappersA video emerged on social media on Tuesday in which gunmen are threatening to kill all of the people they have kidnapped if Afghan government fails to meet their demands.

In the video a man is beheaded who is identified to be a soldier.

The video shows two messages before the insurgent starts talking. One message is reading “Harakat-i-Islami Uzbekistan” the meaning of which is “Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan” and the meaning of the other message is “Warning to Afghan government”.

One of the insurgents standing behind the person ask him questions in Dari language and the person who is letter beheaded answers the questions.

The deceased says he was a soldier since two years and then gives information about his home village.

The militant speaking in Dari language warns if their demands are not met the fate of the rest of the abductees would be the same.

The militants do not specify their demands. The video is dated to be filmed at 29/3/2015. Afghan government has not confirmed the authenticity of the video.


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