A world-renowned kickboxing champion has died from Covid complications after he refused to acknowledge he had the virus and discharged himself from the hospital.

Frederic Sinistra, known as The Undertaker in the kickboxing community, died at his home in Ciney, Belgium.

Sinistra’s death comes after he was admitted to the hospital in November at the request of his coach, according to Yahoo Sports. 

During his treatment, Sinistra shared photos and videos of himself inside of an intensive care unit, while maintaining that he would “come back even stronger,” and telling fans he was feeling “better and better.”

In other posts, he called Covid the “little virus” and voiced opposition to the Government’s measures to halt the spread of coronavirus.

Local reports suggest the kickboxer only entered the hospital after being forced to do so by his coach Osman Yigin, 50.

Three days before his death was announced by his wife, Sinistra responded to fan comments on Facebook.

“Thank you for all your support. I’m home recovering, as I should,” he wrote.

“I will come back a thousand times stronger.”

He was 39-9 in his professional career and was once branded “Belgium’s strongest man”.