Shaikh al Islam `Abdullah e Ansari was born on 4 May 1006 in Heart, a province in western Afghanistan.  

He grew up amongst such scholars as Abu Ayyubs, of ansar a holy poet and a philosopher he enjoyed a reputation of a wise man until many centuries beyond his death.

Khwaja Abdullah belongs to a short list of the most excellent poets of the sufi realm,   Khwaja Abdullah’s literatury works is described by Nasr Musajja as strangely enough the most important  works to our society. As the author of the first Risales, treatise ” in gereimter Prosa” reports that in this century no comparable scholar was found to the caliber of Ansari.  

His poems are the thoughts of an intimate dialog of the soul with God in form of Monologs.  

Ansari loosely tightens animation and added theoretical views in his lectures with inserts of legends and parabolas of that era, which only alternates with each of the verses.

Ansari late in his life was somewhat an unconsidered author, his memory weakened but he had already cleared the way for many disciples to follow in his footsteps. The translation of Tabaqatu s Sufiyya procured or, biographies of holy sufis the from the Arab origins is the major work of him that is currently available..

According to, Abd AR Rahman Sulamis 1021 in a hand written memoir preserved the works of Khwaja Abdullah from its original (Dari) and from its contents Jamis Nafahatu l developed for generations to come.

Khwaja Abdullah lived in privacy, from 1476 on.   In connection with Jami we discover that Ansari was first that noted the story of Yusuf and Zulaikha in Persian.

Khwaja Abdullah Ansari died in Herat the year 1088, and is burial place in Herat is still today a place of pilgrimage for thousands of Sufis and fans.

I Came

By Khwaja Abdullah Ansari

From the un-manifest I came,
And pitched my tent, in the Forest of Material existence.
I passed through mineral and vegetable kingdoms,
Then my mental equipment carried me into the animal kingdom;
Having reached there I crossed beyond it;
Then in the crystal clear shell of human heart
I nursed the drop of self in a Pearl,
And in association with good men
Wandered round the Prayer House,
And having experienced that, crossed beyond it;
Then I took the road that leads to Him,
And became a slave at His gate;
Then the duality disappeared
And I became absorbed in Him.


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