Yesterday, 22nd Sept, Zalmay Khalilzad, US special envoy testified before the U.S house committee, that America and its allies are looking forward to an agreement between Pakistan and Afghanistan, so neither territories are used to attack one another.

Khalilzad told the hearing, that by any measures the violence in Afghanistan is high, and its reduction is possible.

The main concern remains monotonous that despite the negotiations women’s rights might not be preserved.

The house committee asked Khalilzad in regards to the issue, “I want to assure the Afghan women that we will be with them.” Khalilzad said.

“We’re hoping that by the time that these other negotiations are over, we could also achieve success in that regard,” Khalilzad said.

He also briefed the house oversight and Reform Subcommittee, that under the U.S- Taliban agreement, the Taliban will not attack US forces in Afghanistan, and that no American has been killed since the agreement was signed.