The U.S. envoy for Afghan peace Zalmay Khalilzad echoed the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s reaction regarding Kabul attack.

Ambassador Khalilzad said in a Twitter post that yesterday Secretary Pompeo unequivocally condemned the horrific attack in Kabul.

Furthermore, Ambassador Khalilzad said on Twitter and in media, the photos of innocent Afghan children, scared and hurt, drive home a sense of profound urgency to resolve remaining issues here in Doha.

He also stressed that Afghan people deserve an end to the violence.

Pompeo had earlier said “We call on the Taliban to stop attacking civilians. Afghans yearn for peace and deserve a end to these senseless acts of violence.”

He also added that the indiscriminate assault in Kabul was particularly barbarous and serves as a stark reminder of what is at stake in the peace process and why the U.S. remain committed to help those Afghans who seek a peaceful future for their country.

A group of Taliban militants launched a complex attack by detonating a car bomb close to Gulbahar Township in 16th district of Kabul city at 9 am on Monday.

The Ministry of Interior said the Taliban militants took position inside one of the buildings in Gulbahar Township following the explosion. The militants started opening fire on people and the defense ministry installations.

Furthermore, the interior ministry said the security forces killed five militants who were resisting the security forces.

Meanwhile, the interior ministry said the attack claimed the lives of a child, a security guard of Shamshad TV and 2 soldiers of the Special Forces.

The Ministry of Interior also added that the attack wounded 84 others.

However, the public ministry had said the attack wounded 116 people including 26 children and 5 women.