Zalmay Khalilzad, US special envoy for Afghan Reconciliation has reportedly discussed the formation of a transitional period to move towards a political structure.

He discussed this on his three days visit with prominent Afghan political leaders in Afghanistan.

Media outlets reported that Khalilzad believes the formation of a transitional period is crucial for the restoration of peace in the country.

Sources on condition of anonymity, and familiar with the Afghan peace process told media that Khalilzad has called for an international summit and discussed a number of options with Afghan leaders.

Khalilzad has requested United Nations to hold the international conference sources told Tolonews.

ATN News reported that representatives of Pakistan and Iran will also be participating in the summit, he also has suggested that the UN mediate the summit.

Khalilzad is set to leave for Doha and discuss the matter with the Taliban and gauge their reaction.

Meanwhile, on the final day of a three-day military demonstration and exhibition in Kabul, National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib said Tuesday that any plan for the establishment of a Transitional government should ensure and guarantee a prolonged peace.

He added that the Afghans want a guarantee for peace and stability and that the International community and Taliban should guarantee the Afghan people before anything.

Mohib said that the Afghan government is holding discussions about the wide range of alternatives but the fact is the Taliban are busy fighting rather than making peace.

According to Mohib peace requires discussion, he urged the Taliban to join us in maintaining stability in Afghanistan.

In the same event Minister of Interior Affairs, Masoud Andarabi said if the Taliban chooses to battle, God willing ANDSF will respond with jaw-breaking offensives.

Mehrabuddin, a resident in Kabul during the event told Tolonews reporters that “The Taliban are neither a political group nor a religious movement, they are Pakistani militias,”.

Weeks ago, Zamir Kabulov, Russian ambassador to Kabul also called for a transitional government structure in Afghanistan.


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