Abdullah Abdullah, one of the key presidential runners in September presidential elections has boycotted the vote recount process.

Speaking during a gathering in Kabul earlier today, Abdullah said attempts are being made to legitimize fraud and include the non-biometrically verified votes into the account.

Abdullah further added “Without the presence of our representative to witness the partial recount process, the election results will have no legitimacy.”

Calling on election commission to immediately stop the recount process, Abdullah said “We should begin our discussion, it can take place in the presence of FEFA, TEFA and international observers and could be broadcast publicly by the media to settle the outstanding issues.”

According to Abdullah, the election commission has so far not given a justified reason regarding the 300 thousand votes bogus and 2,432 ballot boxes which were in custody of those who were planning fraud.

Meanwile, Abdullah warned “If the commission continues with its recount in the absence of our observers, we will consider our next steps.”

However, he said “I tell this softly and I hope the Independent Election Commission takes it serious. I assure you that our next steps will will be peaceful and legal, but decisive.”

The election commission on Saturday announced that it has launched the recount of votes of 8,255 polling stations, emphasizing that the process would continue even if the observers of electoral teams do not participate to monitor the process.


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