A Kenyan couple who spent only $1 in their wedding received a lavish treatment from their well-wishers who spent around $35,000 in a ceremony organized on the eve of Valentine’s day.

According to the local media reports, the newly-wed couple became an internet sensation, attracting the attention of hundreds of thousands of people who gathered the money so the couple can renew vows in a lavish ceremony.

The couple, Wilson and Anna, tied the knot with ordinary clothing which apparently they already had an exchanged two steel circles during the wedding.

The news became an internet sensation shortly after it went viral on social last month, forcing the Kenyan people to offer help.

26-year-old Wilson quoted in a report by Africa News said ‘‘We went home, cooked ugali and sukuma wiki (a Kenyan delicacy), ate and slept. There was nothing special that we did on our honeymoon.’‘

According to the paper, a travel and tours company, Bonfire Adventures, announced a honeymoon package for them. They got a fully paid 5-day trip to the Kenyan city of Mombasa where they stayed in a four-star hotel.


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