February 08, 2018

Katrina Kaif most ideal wife for Salman Khan, Survey

By Sadaf Shinwari - Wed Dec 26 2012, 10:21 am

Katrina Kaif and Salman KhanA matrimonial website following a s urvey has revealed that Actress Katrina Kaif has topped the list of perfect matches for Bollywood’s famous bachelor, and her former beau, Salman Khan.

The survey by shaadi.com covered 21,000 respondents, and 69.84 percent believed that Katrina, 28, would make an ideal wife for Salman, 47, IBN Live reports.

Another interesting survey around the ‘Dabangg’ star reveals that 62 percent of Indian men don’t want the actor to get married at all while 60.37 percent women want him to settle down as soon as possible.

In the survey, several fans from the south would like to see Salman’s ‘Dabangg’ co-star Sonakshi Sinha as his off-screen life partner too while north Indians won’t mind seeing southern actress Asin as his better half in real life.

“Most individuals associate themselves with a celebrity at some point in their life. Through the poll, we wanted to understand how an icon’s lifestyle influences people’s views and choices during partner search,” said Gourav Rakshit, chief operating officer, Shaadi.com.

The survey was done to understand how an icon’s lifestyle influences people’s views and choices during their partner search. And out of the 21,000 respondents, 69.84 per cent voted for Katrina Kaif. Obviously, Salman fans still believe that he makes for a great pair with his former girlfriend Katrina!

In the survey, 21,000 respondents took part and 69.84% believed that Katrina (28) would be an ideal life partner for Salman Khan 47. Another interesting survey carried on the Bollywood hunk said that 62% of Indian men don’t want the actor to get married at all, while 60.37% women want him to settle down at the earliest.

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  1. Katerina you should marry with salman khan cuz he is very beautiful,hundsome,healthy,intilligent and looke 25 years old like partner of sonakshi.I want to he marry with her but he is not love sonakshi.dabang is the beest film in the world.not importent age cuz he looks 25 years old he is very lucky

  2. Katerina your very lucky person that hundsome and beautiful salman khan love you and you should marry with him if no you become regret you dont think about his age he is younger and look like 25 years old like sonakshi sinha some girl marry with 77,50 years old. i thought he should marry with sonakshi sinha cuz she is beautiful but he is not love her katerina rabir doesnt want you if you think about him and salman khan ages look like abhishek,rabir kapoor

  3. katerina you should marry with sallu bhai cuz he si intilligent,beautiful look fresh stylish,rich and also he has good manner your lucky he loves you and dabang2 is the best movie in the world and he look beautiful,fresh then Ranbir kapoor,Abhishek.Akshay,Ajay devegun and every accteress

  4. Folks,
    who are you??. No matter what Salman is 47 today katrina 28 years old 20 years age diffrence is there
    that will never work unless he wants to be a brother. Trust this. Yes salman will be great but 20 years diffrence is too much.

    A caring fan in USA for both of them.

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