February 08, 2018

Karzai’s bitter remarks will have negative impact on Afghanistan

By Meena Haseeb - Mon Feb 25 2013, 9:25 am

Karzai anti-western remarksAfghan president Hamid Karzai has been described as one of the hardest political leader in the world that Washington has entered a deal with during the current political era, The Voice of America (VOA) reported.

According to the western diplomats anti-western speeches and messages by president Hamid Karzai is not only good for the national interest of Afghanistan but will also have a negative impact on Afghanistan and the Afghan people which will once again result to create a distance on international community’s focus on Afghanistan.

This comes as president Hamid Karzai ordered all US special forces to leave Maidan Wardak province of Afghanistan within the next two weeks after nine local residents were disappeared during military operation conducted by US troops and Afghan local police forces.

By announcing the ban, the government signaled its willingness to take a far harder line against abuses linked to foreign troops than it has in the past. The action also reflected a deep distrust of international forces that is now widespread in Afghanistan, and the view held by many Afghans, President Hamid Karzai among them, that the coalition shares responsibility with the Taliban for the violence that continues to afflict the country.

Afghan officials said the measure was taken as a last resort. They said they had tried for weeks to get the coalition to cooperate with an investigation into claims that civilians had been killed, abducted or tortured by Afghans working for American Special Operations forces in Maidan Wardak. But the coalition was not responsive, they said.

In the meantime Mark Jacobson former deputy NATO Senior Civilian Representative (SCR) in Afghanistan following an exclusive interview with the Voice of America (VOA) said president Karzai is keen on Afghan security forces to take lead of te combat and coalition security forces should focus only on training and capcity building of the Afghan forces.

According to Mark Jacobson president Hamid Karzai’s advisers believe that he is left with two different alternatives including western support and support by the Afghan people which he needs to go ahead with the either option but Jacobson says that the Afghan people need Karzai as a leader to have capabilities to work both with the international community and for the Afghan people.

Observers also believe that president Karzai anti-western stance and speeches is a step by him to prove to the Afghan people specifically for the Pashtun ethnicity that he is not acting only on international community’s demands.

However Mark Jacobson warned that such an approach by president Karzai will further harm international community’s credit among the people of Afghanistan.

He said president Karzai accuse NATO for civilian casualties and on other hand blame international aid as the main source for boosting corruption and such remarks will have a negative impact on the situation of Afghanistan.

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  1. I hate to inform Mr. Karzi of this but, if Afghanistan goes down the tubes; there won’t be any helicopters on the roof of the US embassy like in Saigon to take him to safety. There won’t be enough assets left in the area and the US will prioritize who gets airlifted out. He might be able to hang on to a landing gear wheel.

  2. Mr. jason i apriciate america more than krzai has dne for afghanistan, i slute t american and inernational security forces who lost their lives. i know we cant this war  without the support f us and isaf. but we can win the war, if america stop their hlicopter to chose from who to save and who to be killed. study the history we are iwar because of who, who createdd this insurgents, why by wich sourrce, and what ws target. Love huminity.

    1. Good. But if you read a little of our history, as soon as the US and NATO are out; funding for Afghanistan will be cut. We’ve given ourselves a date for withdrawl. All the bad guys have to do is conserve their forces until we are gone and then attack the people who want change. I don’t what the “proper path” we should have taken there. I want the good guys to win. I think we could have done more in a different way.

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